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Stairs are an important part of the building. Keeping it safe is the most vital work for the constructors. Whether it is a residential area or commercial area, increasing the safety level is a need for all. Stair nosing is a popular method to keep the stairs in excellent condition. This method ensures safety to a good extent.

Why Stair nosing?

Covers The Sharp Edges:
Installation of stair nosing systems covers sharp edges of the steps, such that you do not slip or trip while using them. Worn-out edges of stairs can seriously be hazardous, but with the installation of these systems, you can easily resolve this problem. These systems act as a covering on the step edges, protecting you and your employees from slipping and getting any serious injuries.

Ensures excellent condition of the stairs:

Due to overuse, many of the steps get broken towards its edges. This is a very common issue for the owners. Wear and tear of the steps not only looks bad but also increases the chances of accidents. A stair nosing system ensures the proper condition of the steps. The placing of an extra material above the stairs covers the edges and keeps away from wear and tear.
• Increases visibility:
Staircases mostly become quite difficult to access during low light circumstances. On a further note, people having eyesight problems are usually at greater risk of falling from the stairs due to lack of enough light. Stair Nosing are mostly bright in color, so they offer greater visibility in situations of
low light.
There is a list of certain factors, which altogether make stair Nosing a cost-efficient option. Some of them are:
• These kinds of systems are highly efficient and durable, for which they come with long service life.
• They are highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, which makes them robust and can withstand extreme exposure to heat, moisture, and chemicals.
• They require lesser maintenance and come with fewer costs.
• Enhances the looks:
A normal concrete stair looks very dull. This system is a great help in enhancing the looks of the stairs. The different colors and textures of the products look very impressive. This is a revolutionary technique of making the stairs look impressive and ensuring safety.
This has become a common way in recent times to safeguard the stairs. The endless benefits of this technique have made the only choice for constructors.

Why Choose Us

At Novaproducts, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have the technical expertise of how to install stair nosing for your stairs. We have been in the field for a long time, and we know how best to handle your stair nosing needs. We handle stair nosing for private and commercial stairs, and we do it in the most economical ways. Whether you are looking to do stair nosing for internal or external stairs, we have designed our stair nosing solutions to cater to a variety of spaces. We can also install for flush and surface mounts- with the addition of ramps.
With our carefully designed stair nosing products, it is an economical way to provide your steps with stability and safety. The extra advantages of using our products is that they are super easy to clean, very affordable, a wide range of stair nosing options to select, and our experience.

Our Service

We handle your stair nosing needs in the best of ways and our services are top-notch. We do not just go straight to delivering your needs; we start by evaluating the best products to suit your needs. Once we have reached an agreement, we spring into action by getting the most durable materials and then fix your stair nosing. Our services are quick, efficient, and highly durable. For your complaints or inquiries about any of our products and services, we have a team of dedicated customer care professionals that are available to attend to your needs. Choosing Novaproducts for your stair nosing needs means you choose a company that gives you the best value for your money and the guarantee that your stair nosing will be done to perfection. We give you only the best product, and our edging is carefully done.

Our Innovation

At Novaproducts, Our best-selling CCRG stair nosing Range, has been installed at over 1000 PROJECTS in Australia to Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane. CCRG stair nosing range was designed and produce in Western Australia, suitably produced for both internal and external staircases. We can install CCRG stair nosing on surfaces like carpet, wood, ceramic, concrete, and vinyl surfaces with all giving the same excellent result. The range is also available with a ramp finish upon request and is very economical. It is easy to install and clean. It can be purchased as a package deal that gives you the option of getting it cut and fixed with drillings.
Made from special grade aluminum with a top extra grade surface, the new Fineribb CCRG stair nosing is specially designed for rough environments and stairs with the tendency to experience more traffic. It is firm, stylish, and possesses long-term durability tendencies as long as it is properly fixed.
You can also select from wide range of quality, durable and economical stair nosing product in our website, depending on your needs, the wear and tear tendency for the stairs, and your budget. Some of these products are Lion, Tiger, GalvD, step edge, PVC internal, Panther, Lighted, and Lynx, all of these products have their specifications and advantages. Durable stair nosing solution is one of our key areas in Novaproducts, and we will stop at nothing to keep on innovating for your needs.

Our Compliance

All Novaproducts stair nosing comply with the Australian Standard 1428.1. We take compliance seriously, and we leave no stones unturned in our innovations. We design our stair nosing products to blend with the rest of your surroundings, and we aim to give your stairs extra space to walk on.
With the methods that we adopt, the lengths of the steps are slightly increased so that the risk of tripping off the stairs is actively reduced, especially when the user is in a rush or not properly sighted.
We build our solutions for residential and commercial spaces as they allow the stairs to become more comfortable to use, preventing you from slipping. An important thing to note is that stair nosing must be fitted accordingly, to ensure that the overall structure complies with the safety standards and regulations of Australia and we work with this in mind.
Reach out to us at Novaproducts today for all types of stair nosing products and fixing- we give you only the best product at very economical rates, and our installations are done with the utmost professionalism.

Economical Stair Nosing Solutions – Australian Made/Stocked

Suitable for stair spaces both internally and externally, Novaproducts’ stair nosing solutions can be fitted to a variety of surfaces. Additionally, both flush and surface mounts can be installed, with the latter featuring a ramp. Stair nosing is an economical and easy-to-clean product that provides your stairs with exceptional safety and stability.

Designed to comply with Australian Standard 1428.1

Designed to blend in with the rest of your surroundings, our stair nosing gives steps extra space to walk on. Through this method, the lengths of the steps are increased to actively reduce the potential risk of falling down – especially when you find yourself in a rush.
Also perfect for commercial spaces, these solutions allows stairs to be more comfortable to walk on and protect you from slipping. It’s important to note that stair nosing must be fitted by law, to ensure the overall structure complies with safety standards. Additionally, these products improve the visibility of steps.

Our Best Selling CCRG Range, Installed at over 1000 Projects in Australia.

Designed and produced in Western Australia, the CCRG Stair nosing range is suitable for staircases both inside and outside. Application on carpet, wood, ceramic, concrete and vinyl surfaces is ideal and the range is available with an optional ramp finish. This economical solution is easy to install, clean and can be purchased as a package deal.