Tactile Template Accessories

Novaproducts global provides a wide range of templates. These templates can be ordered as interlocking. They can be easily cut with a grinder or tin snips for a custom fit. Made to make Tactile installations easy and accurate.
We use your preferred material, solid aluminium, ACP, Acrylic and Polycarbonate. Our quotes are based on 3-4 mm ACP.

template 3

Tactile Template

Template placement: 600 x 1200 mm  – 288 holes

Reference code: TT0061NP

scaled template

Scaled template

Drilling Template 288 holes

Size: 600 mm x 1200 mm

Reference code: TT0062NG

interlocked template

Interlocked Template

Placement Template

Size: 600 mm x 300 mm – 72 holes (7 mm standard)

– Interlocked templates

– Easy install

Reference code: TT0060NG

tactiles core drills

Core drills

Sizes 6 mm to 15 mm available

novatac adhesives

Novatac adhesives

Novatac is a single-pack adhesive that fits a standard silicone gun dispenser. It is used for adhering to many products together with low shear and torsion environment.

– Novatac pack adhesive for high strength requirements
– Can be suited to tactile, stair nosing and other fixing requirements.

novapoxy glue adhesives

NovaPOXY adhesives

Epoxy 2 pack adhesive for high strength requirements
Can be suited to tactiles, stair nosing and other fixing requirements.


NovaPOXY gun

Applicator dispenser used for Novapoxy

– Sold separately
– May suit other products for multipurpose use


600mm x 1200mm: TT0061NP
Size: 600mm x 300mm – Holes: 72 (7mm standard) TT0236F

Drilling template

600mm x 1200mm: TT0063NG
Size: 600mm x 300mm – Holes: 72 (7mm standard) TT0238F

Tactiles Assist Individuals with Visual Impairments

Assisting individuals with visual impairments to navigate their way around spaces more efficiently, tactile indicators (TGSI’s) provide orientation and alerts for potential hazards and obstacles in the area. For those with visual impairment, luminous pointers on the ground can help guide them through their surroundings. Tactile indicators also support the blind through feet sensory detection.

Designed to Comply with Australian Standard 1428.4

Tactile indicators are available in two main types: warning and directional. Featuring stainless steel, plastic materials, and ceramic finishes, TGSI’s act as a discrete guidance system. Furthermore, these products come in both individual and mat form varieties.


These products alert individuals of an upcoming hazard or obstacle. Including steps, stairs, ramps, escalators, railway or tramway platforms, bus stops and wharves.


Directional tactiles are used to guide the visually impaired along a safe route, directional pointers are primarily installed as long rectangular strips along the surface and are widely used for public transport locations and street crossings.

Installed at Over 1000 Projects Across Australia.

In order to ensure commercial buildings are compliant with AS1428.4 standards for disabled access, Novaproducts installs premium products from the Tacalert range. This features a collection of products designed for application in both exterior and interior spaces. Our TacAlert tactiles have been installed at over 1000 projects across WA.

Currently available in our range is the Tacalert Individual’s collection – designed for optimal safety measures and adherence to building code requirements. Suitable for interior or exterior applications, these tactile indicators are perfect for new or existing structures. Alternatively, Tacalert PVC Tiles offer similar safety precautions to help provide assistance for the visually impaired. The oblique edge of these tactiles enables safe use and installation, effectively eliminating trips and falls.

Novaproducts boasts the largest range in 2017 of Tacalert PVC Tiles, with 21 vibrant colours available – find the perfect indicator to suit the look and feel of your space.


Registration AU 330037 S
Design Number 201010548

Autralian Made