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Assisting individuals with visual impairments to navigate their way around spaces more efficiently, tactile indicators (TGSI’s) provide orientation and alerts for potential hazards and obstacles in the area. For those with visual impairment, luminous pointers on the ground can help guide them through their surroundings. Tactile indicators also support the blind through foot sensory detection.
Tactile indicators assist individuals with visual impairment
Tactile ground surface markers, also referred to as TGSI’s, are a beneficial tool for people with visual disabilities, assisting them in navigating areas more effectively by offering guidance and warnings for potential dangers and barriers. These bright indicators on the floor also aid the visually impaired by stimulating their sense of touch in their feet.
Designed to comply with Australian Standards 1428.4
Designed to comply with Australian Standard 1428.4, Tactile indicators are available in two main types: warning and directional and come in both individual and mat form varieties made from stainless steel, plastic materials, and ceramic finishes.
Warning and directional tactiles
Warning tactiles are used to alert individuals of upcoming hazards or obstacles, including steps, stairs, ramps, escalators, railway or tramway platforms, bus stops, and wharfs. On the other hand, directional tactiles guide the visually impaired along a safe route and are installed as long rectangular strips along the surface, primarily at public transport locations and street crossings.
Supplied to over 1000 projects across Perth and Sydney.
Novaproducts offers premium Tacalert range products to ensure commercial buildings comply with AS1428.4 standards for disabled access. Novaproducts’ TacAlert tactiles have been supplied to over 1000 projects across Perth and Sydney making them a reliable choice. The Tacalert Individual’s collection is designed for optimal safety measures and adherence to building code requirements, suitable for interior or exterior applications.

Novaproducts boasts the largest range of Tacalert PVC Tiles, with 21 vibrant colours available, allowing customers to choose the perfect indicator to suit the look and feel of their space. Contact Novaproducts at (08) 9455 2228 for more information on having tactiles. Novaproducts’ wide range of tactiles is Australian-made and stocked in both Sydney and Perth.

Why Luminance Contrast is Important to Tactiles?

The importance of LRV is to ensure the Warning Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) have sufficient luminance contrast with their surrounding surface.

Luminance Value for Tactiles

Luminance Value for Tactiles

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