Texbase 2826 Tactile

– Specifically designed for installation on carpet
– Supplied with screws and plugs
– Tested to Australian standards, P5 slip rated.

Reference: TT0030J.

Boost Safety and Accessibility with Texbase Tactiles on Carpet

Tactile indicators are your ultimate solution for enhancing safety and accessibility in environments with carpeted flooring. Designed with precision and care, our tactile products are crafted to seamlessly integrate with carpet, ensuring a secure and reliable installation that complies with Australian standards. Tactile indicators in Perth, Sydney, and all around Australia have become synonymous with enhanced safety and accessibility.

What sets Texbase Tactiles apart is our commitment to convenience and safety. Each package of Texbase Tactiles is thoughtfully supplied with screws and plugs, making installation a straightforward process. Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting for the right hardware; we’ve streamlined the process to save you time and effort. Tactile indicators supplied with screws and plugs make your installation hassle-free and efficient.

Safety is at the heart of our mission. Texbase Tactiles are rigorously tested and proudly meet the exacting standards of Australia. We are proud to announce that our tactiles carry a P5 slip rating, ensuring optimal slip resistance, even on carpeted surfaces. With Texbase Tactiles, you can rest easy, knowing that you’re investing in a product that not only complies with Australian safety regulations but exceeds them, making your space a secure and accessible environment for all. Tactile indicators, tested to Australian standards, provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Our tactiles are not just a product; they are a promise of a safer, more accessible future. Whether you’re enhancing the accessibility of a public space, office, or residential area, Texbase Tactiles on a carpet will provide the durability and peace of mind you need. Tactile indicators in Perth, Sydney, and all around Australia have been trusted for years to deliver on this promise.

Choose Texbase Tactiles for carpet and experience safety, accessibility, and reliability in one groundbreaking solution. Upgrade your projects with a product that has been purposefully designed for carpet, thoughtfully equipped with installation hardware, and rigorously tested to meet the highest Australian standards. With Texbase Tactiles, you’re taking a step toward a safer, more accessible world. Tactile indicators are the key to unlocking a safer, more accessible environment, whether you’re in Perth, Sydney, or anywhere else across Australia.



Stainless steel and brass.


Stud Thickness (Height): 5mm – without ring
Ring thickness: 3mm

Screw Size: 32mm
Stud Size Diameter: 35mm.


DT18_SST 2826 Texbase-102023


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