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Threshold ramp made from Steel with black coating

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The requirements in the disabled access code AS1428 states that there are paths of travel suitable and accessible for disabled persons in building entries. Individuals in Wheelchairs or wheeled mobility equipment require a ramp when an edge becomes more than 3 mm high and in some cases 5 mm high. (See applicable standards)
Our Nova Ramps are custom made to suit the Australian standard for slip resistance, luminescent contrast and correct angles.

Threshold Ramps
Typically located at a door with a maximum rise of 34.5mm. The suggested gradient-angle is 1 in 8 with a maximum inclined surface length of 279mm. Kerbs, landings/rails are normally not required.

Doorway Thresholds
Steps at entries to commercial premises create access issues for individuals who use wheelchairs and for individuals with  other disabilities, who have difficulties walking along their intended path of travel.

Formula & Layout for Ramp

Threshold Ramps

BCA and AS Code requirements
The (B.C.A)Building Code of Australia D2-10(B)(1) also D3-3(C) refer to door thresholds .
It requires compliance with Australian Standard 1428-1.
Australian Standard 1428.1 specifies details of dimensions, and design requirements.

Ultimate Design in order to be compliant step ramps and threshold ramps :
1. 1. Angle no greater than 1 in 8.
2. 2. Corrosion resistant
3. 3. Firm non flexible so as not to drag on Wheels
4. 4. Sloped sides.
5. 5. Slip retardant surface
6. 6. TGSIs are not required on step ramps .

How to Order:

Email the details of your step ramp requirements to ensure faster quotations.

Height, width, type of surface, colours, external or internal, Type of Traffic and estimated traffic quantities. Maximum load type, example a heavy loaded trolley.

When qualities and quantites have been established we can get back to you asap with a quotation.
100 % Australian and on time .

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