About Us - Who We Are

The origins of Novaproducts were founded in 1973 and we have become a respected supplier, delivering a wide range of environmentally friendly architectural building products to the building industry worldwide.  We are a family owned and operated business. Novaproducts is comprised of a positive and highly experience team committed to an ethic of balance and honesty. At Novaproducts we strive to create strong strategic partnerships with architects, contractors and builders and to support our clients every step along the way. Our relationships are not just limited to an individual project but are ongoing after many years of business and experience.

Our Vision

Become the industry benchmark for the supply and installation of cutting edge, high quality architectural finishing product and become nationally recognised as the supplier of choice for these products.

Our mission:

Focus on creating and establishing new standard within the industry for quality, performance and design with an emphasis on innovation and exceptional customer service.

Our Values

Professional conduct
Integrity and honest
Perseverance and tenacity
Respect for ourselves, our peers, our client and our suppliers
Care for the environment
High standards of workplace safety

Our team ethics

Deliver as agreed
Take initiate
Focus on service
Use good manners
Have a positive, proactive approach
Strong leadership
Support for each other

Our strategies

Commit to the on-going development of our products to ensure sustainable and profitable growth. Develop and implement the necessary technical expertise required to deliver these strategic goals.
Create and maintain strong, strategic partnerships with our clients and suppliers to enhance our growth, not and for the future.

Our Future: Life-long solutions for long-life buildings