Why do we install Tactile Indicators?


Short Answer: To assist the navigation of Individuals with visual impairment.

Long Answer: Individuals with disabilities have the rights to dignified, risk-free and independent access to the built environment. Around 330 000 Australians are vision-impaired or blind and many more have some reduction in their eye sight. (As 1428)
Tactile indicators are used to assist individuals with visual impairments to navigate their way around space and make them aware of potential obstacles and hazards in an area.  An important thing to keep in mind when choosing tactiles for your next project is that they provide adequate luminescence contrast that comply with the current 1428 Australian standard. Read More.

Why do we install Stair nosing?

Stair nosing installed in Western Australia

Short Answer: Stair nosing provide extra visibility of the steps and add extra safety.

Long Answer: As mentioned previously more than 330 000 Australians are today blind or vision-impaired, due to an ageing population this number is expected to rise and  double within the next 25 years. (AS 1428) Stair nosing makes it easier for a vision-impaired person to see the edge of the stair, thus making the stair safer. The Australian compliance code is always changing, make sure you are up to date. Read More.

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