Acoustic Matting 700

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The AcoustaMat 700 Density is perfect for ceramic installations that need a screed bed on top of the acoustic underlay. This matting is made of 100% recycled tyre rubber and has a lower density but higher elasticity. That means it will do better at reducing sound in this specific application compared to higher-density underlays.

Acoustic Matting 700

The AcoustaMat acoustic underlay matting products have undergone individual testing at the CSIRO Laboratory in Melbourne, in compliance with the ISO 140-8 Standards.

Features & Benefits

– Outstanding noise reduction qualities
– Controls floor-to-ceiling noise transmission
– Sustains long-term elasticity at a competitive price
– Resistant to high temperatures
– Utilises superior-quality recycled rubber sourced from Australia.


Ideal for high-rise units, multi-storey townhouses, and homes, our acoustic mat 700 Density offers exceptional impact sound insulation for both new and older buildings. This versatile underlay is perfectly suited for the installation of timber, laminate, carpet, plank vinyl, vinyl over Masonite, and ceramic floors. It can be conveniently installed on both timber and concrete sub-bases, catering to various construction requirements.

Moreover, Acoustic mat can be employed in wet areas when combined with an appropriate waterproof membrane system, ensuring reliable performance even in moisture-prone environments. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with underfloor heating systems, providing a comprehensive solution for optimum comfort and acoustic insulation.


100% Recycled Tyre Rubber

Rubber possesses exceptional qualities for the purposes of soundproofing, noise reduction, and vibration control. Its inherent physical properties, such as high density, consistent structure, and elasticity, contribute to the effective mitigation of sound transmission. Instead of permitting sound to pass through entirely, rubber evenly absorbs and disperses sound energy across its surface. Furthermore, the thickness of the rubber material plays a crucial role in dampening vibration noise, as thicker rubber layers result in greater attenuation of vibrations.

Dimensions1000 × 1000 × 3 mm




Black. It can have multi-coloured flecks.



Thickness: 5mm
Width: 1.2m
Length: 10L/m


Acoustic Mat 700 Density Datasheet


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