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CCRG Panther

The Panther Stair Nosing range is a bendable stair nosing that suits any staircase.

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Architectural Stair Nosing for Carpets: A Guide to Stylish and Safe Stair Treads

The Panther Stair Nosing range is a Bendable Stair Nosing that suits any staircase, concrete, vinyl or carpeted stairs. Manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminium, this cement compound infill product is compliant with all Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards.

Send your radius of the stair edge and we do the rest for curved Stair Nosing.


Panther varieties of stair edging and other products The finish is subject mainly to the floor/stair surface consistency. If the surface is inconsistent, the product may replicate this.

In addition, this product is hand-made and based on drawings/specifications we receive.

We do not guarantee perfection.

The infill is further subject to the circumstances of the day of installation such as temperature, humidity, the skill of hand, the colour of the insert, lighting, other trades interference, delays, and the like.

The normal width of the Stair Nosing (70mm) has a tolerance of +/- 7mm. However, this is governed by the surface applied to (the front edge of the stair).

We do not guarantee smooth surfaces or consistent lines. It may not suit front-of-house architectural aesthetic requirements.

We do not accept issues with the finished look as a defect. However, we aim to create the best finish possible on the first application as we take pride in what we do and always looking to improve our methods.


If requested screw holes will be predrilled and countersunk. If you wish to cover up these screws for better aesthetics we will send a jar of insert paste. You will need a spatula cloth and water to patch holes like patching house wall plaster type work. However, the finish you leave is generally what you keep. Practise elsewhere if well done patch-up holes will not be noticed by the general untrained eye.  If there is dust and dirt around the wet patch may collect this dirt and end up showing a spot.


We quote this when we receive information, final quotations should have site measurements and photos.

We supply in Brisbane, Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria, Melbourne, NSW, Sydney, WA, Perth, and New Zealand.

Quick despatch and freight.

Kindly be advised that Panther & Tiger inserts are meticulously handcrafted in our Perth warehouse. Occasionally, variations in the finish may arise due to weather fluctuations and the manual application process, resulting in potential inconsistencies in the upper surface. It is imperative to note that such irregularities do not compromise the product’s performance in any manner. Consequently, these variations are not deemed defects and are not subject to warranty claims. We are continuously working towards enhancing this production process over time.

We encourage the support of local labour. These inserts are available with either CCRG 10 or CCRG 26 aluminium retainers or as the “Naked Panther” without an aluminium retainer.


– Curved stairs
– Exterior applications
– Internal applications
– Hard surfaces

Advantages & Features

– Bendable/ curved stair nosing
– UV-resistant
– 42 colours
– Made in Australia
– Cement compound infill
– Bend to suit any staircase
– Choose between 10mm or 26mm riser


Code References:

CCRG 10 (natural anodised) – SN0079NG
CCRG 10 (type A) – SN0083
CCRG 26 (mill finish) – SN0214


CCRG Retainers

Installation drawing of CCRG on carpets

Installation drawing of CCRG on carpets

CCRG Size Retainer

10mm, 26mm



Panther CCRG Nosing has a diverse range of insert colours available:

Panther Colours

Panther Colours Available


Retainer colours:

Stair Nosing Retainer Colour Palette

Stair Nosing Retainer Colour Palette


Choose between a 10mm or a 26mm riser (retainer)

Width: 82mm (included ramp on) with 50mm insert.

*Standard is 5 metres in length.


DT2 Nova Panther Stair Nosing Brochure
Panther Warranty


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