Corduroy Ramps

Corduroy ramps are available in custom sizes and two options:

– Clear Troeskel Ramp

– Troeskel Ramp Ferg

Corduroy Threshold Ramps

Typically located at a door with a maximum rise of 34.5mm. The suggested gradient angle is 1 in 8 with a maximum inclined surface length of 279mm. Kerbs, landings/rails are normally not required.

It requires compliance with Australian Standard 1428-1.

Australian Standard 1428.1 specifies details of dimensions and design requirements.

Ultimate Design in order to be compliant with step ramps and threshold ramps:

1. Angle no greater than 1 in 8

2. Corrosion-resistant

3. Firm non-flexible so as not to drag on wheels

4. Sloped sides

5. Slip retardant surface

How to Order:

Email the details of your step ramp requirements to ensure faster quotations.

Height, width, type of surface, colours, external or internal, type of Traffic and estimated traffic quantities. Maximum load type,  a heavily loaded trolley, for example.

When qualities and quantities have been established we can get back to you asap with a quotation.

100 % Australian and on time.


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