FRP Stair Nosing

The Stair Nosing produced by Novaproducts is pressed FRP resin Stair Nosing. FRP stands for Fibre Reinforced Plastic. They are very easy to clean and there is a range of several different types of Stair Nosing that are available for installation. The different types are made up of various materials, with some being made of stainless steel, PVC, FRP, Resin, PVD SS, Brass, or aluminium. Regardless of the constituent material of the TGSI, they all perform the same job of assisting visually impaired people in navigating through possibly dangerous regions.


Stair Nosing has been available in Australia since 1992, although they became widely popular fairly recently, Novaproducts has been covering the production and installation of these FRP models for a long time, and we are now at the forefront of the trade. Our knowledge in this tactile industry is widely regarded as the benchmark regarding all issues on Tactile ground surface indicators.

The FRP Stair Nosing is the fastest to install, and they are resistant to salt or chemicals. They are also impact-resistant and very tough, resistant to fire, and slip-resistant. They might even be the best-looking plate tile version tactile you can get. We have very affordable prices for our Stair Nosing, and you can get a cheap tactile TGSI as well as an installation. Novaproducts installs Stair Nosing all through the country of Australia.

FRP Specifications Drawing

FRP Specifications Drawing

Advantages & Features

– Surface Grit – 80 gsm Grit (50gsm for surfaces only)
– Material:  FRP – GP resin grade
– Length – 3.6 metres
– Qty’s – 200 metres



Standard colours: Yellow and Black.

– yellow & black (standards)
– red
– blue
– grey
– green


Max Length: 3620mm


FRP Stair Nosing Brochure


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