Galvanised Handrails

Novaproducts modular handrail system is customisable in nature and can be used for a number of safety applications, such as stairs, balconies, decks, platforms and much more. They can be manipulated to fit your existing requirements in the project.

Our galvanised handrails are resistant to red rust, have great durability and are commonly used to build up the integrity of a project.


Features & Benefits

– Platted galvanised

– Durable option

When handrails are required in Australia

Areas with heights above 1 metre are required to have handrails installed and that is applied for internal and external areas.

The height of the handrail is outlined in the Australian Building code. This is outlined above.

The way the hand railing is affixed to the support structure must be compliant with AS1428. 1-2009

We recommend:

– A 40mm diameter dowl handrail must be fixed to the wall at a minimum of 900mm centres between the supports.

– A 50mm diameter dowel handrail must be fixed on the wall at a minimum of 1200mm centres.

See also our Balustrades range here.


Australian Standards for Handrails

Australian Standards for Handrails



Custom sizes available. Call our team to explore all the options.


Cleaning Maintenance – Handrail


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