LED Lighted Stair Nosing

Our Shooting Star LED is an economical lighted stair nosing which is manufactured locally in Australia. The product is available in custom sizes with many colour options.

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Novaproducts Global offers a range of LED Lighted Stair Nosing direct current power supply units that are designed to transform power from the mains to a 12v or 24v system, thereby providing a safe and efficient power source for low-level lighting systems.

Novaproducts Global offers a wide range of power supply units including dimmable and battery backup units. Gradus Technical Services can provide a full calculation service to aid with the quantity needed. 

Options Available:


CCRG Retainers

Advantages & Features

– Australian made
– Economical
– Designed to comply
– Changing colours available
– 12 volts – no electrocution risk
– Replaceable parts
– LED long life
– Easily installed by carpenters and contractors
– 50 options for inserting design/colour
– 6 colours of lights (multicolour lights option)
– Dimmable
– Suited for carpet, vinyl, concrete, and wood surfaces
– Water resistance in the internal environment (not for pool or wet areas)
– Safe nosing design
– Replaceable insert
– Light can be made to point down or up, rear or forward
– Stair nosing light bud pitch frequency adjustable
– Ultra-long life stair edge light Bulb LEDs.

More about our product

Are you in search of an economical and cutting-edge solution to enhance the safety and aesthetics of your staircases? Look no further! Our Australian-made Lighted Stair Nosing product is here to revolutionize your staircase experience.

Compliance & Safety
Designed to comply with the highest industry standards, our Lighted Stair Nosing offers you peace of mind. Safety is paramount, and with our 12-volt system, there’s no risk of electrocution. Your safety is our priority.

Customisable Lighting
Experience the magic of changing colours with our customisable LED lights. With 6 stunning colours and the ability to create multicoloured effects, you can set the mood and ambience of your space effortlessly. And yes, it’s dimmable!

Versatile Installation
Our product is easily installed by carpenters and contractors, ensuring a hassle-free experience. It’s suited for various surfaces, including carpet, vinyl, concrete, and wood. You dream it; we light it!

Durable & Replaceable
The long-life LED bulbs in our Lighted Stair Nosing ensure years of reliable performance. And should you ever need to replace any parts, worry not – they are easily replaceable, making maintenance a breeze.

Customisation Galore
Choose from 50 different designs and colour options to perfectly match your décor. We even offer the option to paint the aluminium retainer in any colour you desire, giving you complete creative control.

Water-Resistant & Safe
Designed for internal environments, our product is water-resistant, although not suitable for pools or wet areas. Safety is paramount, and our safe nosing design ensures you can confidently navigate your stairs.

Directional Lighting
Our Lighted Stair Nosing allows you to direct the light to point up, down, rear, or forward, giving you full control over your lighting design.

Bespoke Excellence
Each Lighted Stair Nosing is always custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique space. We believe that every staircase is unique, and your lighting should reflect that.

Affordability & Sample Service
We take pride in offering the most economical lighted stair-nosing solution on the market. Plus, in select capital cities, we offer a next-day actual working sample service, so you can see the brilliance of our product firsthand.

Ultra-Long Life
Our stair edge light bulb LEDs are designed for ultra-long life, ensuring your investment will continue to shine for years to come.

Elevate your space with the most versatile, economical, and compliant Lighted Stair Nosing product available. Choose us for innovation, safety, and style. Your staircase will thank you.

The lights stair nosing is Australian made and we have stock available. All we need is a power outlet every 5 metres of Lighted Nosing. Moreover, all parts are replaceable in Australian stock.



CCRG Lighted Stair Nosing


Maximum length: 5000mm


Datasheet LED Lighted CCRG 26 Shooting Star


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