Nova Armour Wall Guard

Features & Benefits

– Proudly Australian Made
– Powder-coated with anodised options
– Soft rounded edges for extra safety
– An extremely flexible product
– Can be custom-made for any width
– Two standard thicknesses: 12 and 25mm.


Nova Armour Secured Quality

Novarail is a wall guard and it’s an ideal option for protecting your walls in almost any situation, it is both hard-wearing and economical. The wall guard is installed with a cutting-edge fix system. Novarail is a favourite amongst hospitals throughout WA.  The wall guard is supplied with aluminium edging that can be anodised or powder coated and has a high-impact rigid vinyl cover for extra strength.

Novaproducts Global has a large range of code-compliant Handrail designs and options which have been supplied and installed for a variety of different projects over many years.  The handrail range includes vinyl colours, Metal and Wood grain looks, Wood, Bamboo, Metal, Anti-microbial vinyl and Profiles, and is perfect to combine with Novarail. See the pictures below of Novarail and Handrails combined. For more information on Handrails Contact Us!

Victorian Ash, Bamboo and Novarail options.



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