Novaflex Matting

Novaflex Ribbed entry mats are made and designed in a unique pattern using 100% polypropylene which makes them very efficient at absorbing and trapping dirt and dust. This quality of ribbed doormats

makes them the perfect and popular choice for entrance areas at offices, retail stores, schools, churches, or any location where the rate of footfall is high. They are also reinforced with 100% vinyl responsible for the non-slip quality that ensures they stay firmly in place when set which is an important quality for a standard doormat.

Novaflex Entry Mat

Benefits of Ribbed entrance mats

Ribbed doormats have a high absorbent quality which increases their efficiency in reducing the occurrence of accidents, slips and falls. It has a surface for absorbing moisture and dirt from the bottom of shoes and keeping them locked in until time to clean the mats. This quality of Ribbed doormats helps to reduce cleaning bills at offices, hotels, and leisure locations Ribbed doormats have been proven to be good investments as a result of their hard-wearing qualities that give them a long shell life without reducing their efficiency. They have a high crush resistance that enables them to withstand various degrees of heavy footfall. In addition to that, the dark colours available at Mats Nationwide help to conceal any stains and dirt marks ensuring your entrances appear neat and impressive. The ribbed doormats available via our website have bevelled borders to allow for easy access to pushchairs, wheelchairs, trolleys, suitcases, and more.

Ribbed entrance mats cover a large area and help in minimizing entrance noises made by heels and shoes, especially in environments that need to be kept quiet for residents and guests, this quality makes it a popular choice among property and hotel managers. Apart from giving your entrance a smart, professional appearance, they also serve as means of additional insulation.

Maintenance of Ribbed Entrance Mats

Ribbed doormats provide the highest quality of service when they are clean. They are able to absorb more and trap extra dirt. Regular maintenance also helps increase their capacity to stem the flow of dust, moisture, and debris from the outside. Ribbed mats can be shaken out to remove a large percentage of the debris and dirt on them, a vacuum can then be used to remove the remaining debris stuck in the ribbed channels. It requires little maintenance, which is a quality most customers look for in a doormat. If you are looking for low-maintenance doormats, Ribbed Entrance Mats are your to-go choice.

Ribbed Doormats – High-Quality Low Price

Ribbed doormats are a popular choice among customers looking for effective but affordable mats as they are economically priced. The low price has no effect on the quality, with the team at Mats Nationwide being happy to offer a two-year guarantee on the Budget Ribbed Entrance Mat.

For customers looking for indoor matting that offers good absorbency and dries extremely quickly, without an expensive budget, ribbed doormat mats along with the cost savings on offer are a very beneficial choice. Even better if you are UK based, a ribbed entrance mat will be delivered at no cost within 1-2 working days. Our ribbed entrance mat is only available in standard sizes ranging from 60cm x 85cm right up to 120cm x 240cm or 85cm x 300cm, but we are also able to offer a number of entrance mats in custom sizes. These varieties enable us to meet up with the high amount of customers’ requests and fail to meet this, we already have a number of measures for matting alternatives made available.

Get your ribbed doormats now!

Installation of a ribbed doormat at your entrance can protect your floors and keep your cleaning costs to a minimum. It is very possible to now have an impressive-looking Entrance Matting within your budget.

Contact us today or fill out an enquiry form if you have any questions about finding a suitable Ribbed Entrance Mat.

Advantages & Features

– Moisture removal

– Suitable for high heels

– Compatible with electronic tagging systems

– Easy to install and maintain.










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