NovaGrate Drainage System

NovaGrate Drainage System is designed for Novatred and Novaguard (Nuway) entrance mats.

Advantages & Features

– Designed specifically for Novatred and Nuway entrance mats.

– Design a flat-based matwell with a smooth, surface and sealed:

– 17mm entrance mat with Novagrate requires a minimum 35mm mat well max of 40mm mat well

– 12mm Entrance mat with Novagrate requires a minimum 32mm mat well max of 35 mm mat well.

– Specify waste grate, refer to it in plumbing sections (in the centre of the matwell)

– Novagrate  frame is supplied with  32 x 23 x 3mm Aluminium.

– Allow 40mm max deep scrape out in concrete works.

Note: mat wells must be flat and not running to falls or dishing in the centre.


Reference: NovaGrate MA0033R  NovaGrate frame: SN0073PT




NovaGrate Drainage Flyer


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