Anti Slip Tape

Ideal for most areas that require a non-slip surface, ladders, walkways, steps, work vehicles and wet areas, Provides a durable non-slip surface.

As an economical solution that ensures stairs meet compliance regulations, Nova Escape tape is ideal for concrete, tiles, wood or vinyl staircases. A diverse colour range is available, as well as ‘CAUTION’ and ‘WATCH YOUR STEP’ options.

Please be aware that the Nova escape stair nosing tape is only recommended as a temporary solution and not for permanent use. Colours include black, yellow, red, green, blue and many more.

Series 1 – Temporary Abrasive Tape

Series 2 – Standard Abrasive Tape

Series 3 – Heavy Duty Abrasive Tape

Novaproducts also stocks additional ranges for edging and trim requirements. To find out more about these products, or our stair nosing solutions listed above, contact our professional team on (08) 9455 2228.


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