Over Bonnet Storage

The Over Bonnet Storage Cabinet range from StoreBay is designed and manufactured from the highest quality products and materials to the highest standards. Easy setup by joining them together with bolts and nuts and a heavy-duty support structure.

The Over Bonnet Storage Cabinet range from StoreBay is designed and manufactured from the highest quality products and materials to the highest standards.

Placed at the head of a car space, the units maximise available storage space whilst not impeding your available parking space. Height adjustable, all-steel construction, fire-safe, and rustproof, the Over Bonnet Storage Cabinet is the ideal storage accessory.

Advantages & Features

– Up to 3.2 cubic metres of storage

– Gas struts for easy opening and closing

– Lenlok 3-way locking system

– Fully powder-coated finish

– 10-year limited warranty

– Free-standing

– 300-400kg loading capacity

– Free Installation.



The range is designed to accommodate household recreational items, freeing up space in your home as well as your garage or car storage area. Product Range Includes:

Living in an apartment-style home in Australia seems to be the in-thing now, and one thing that most of these homes lack is adequate space. Residents of Australia and people in several other countries around the world face this same problem of limited storage in their houses, offices, and so on. It is this problem of limited storage space that prompted the creation of OVER BONNET STORAGE. Although some apartment buildings provide storage cages in the basement and car park areas, they are usually transparent so their constituents can be seen from the outside. This is unsafe and valuables kept in these cages could easily be stolen. Sheds and off-site storage lockers are safe places to store things, but they are quite inconvenient and difficult to access. So, the best solution for managing and storing your valuables safely and conveniently without necessarily creating more space for storage is Over Bonnet storage.

The Over Bonnet Storage is a helpful innovation because of how many problems it solves in Australian homes. You can simply use the available space that sits over the bonnet of your car to create several storage solutions without creating a problem for your car or yourself. A space that you’ve probably never even thought about could be the best place for you to keep some of your favourite items. The Over Bonnet Storage is extremely unique because it does not take up any of the limited space on the ground, but it utilizes space above that you probably deemed as useless. Your Over Bonnet storage won’t affect your neighbours’ car or exceed the allotted space your car has been given. It can be used to keep anything that needs storing such as tools, toys, small to medium-sized equipment, household goods, and even bikes!

This storage box is made from galvanized steel and is completely powder-coated inside and out. We have used our years of expertise to craft a reliable, spacious, and good-looking storage facility. It is designed with adjustable legs, gas struts, and an individual locking system. The storage box that we provide our customers is of premium quality, ensuring the safety and convenience of your storage at an affordable price. The storage boxes are built to be very tough so they can hold on to heavy objects. Our over bonnet storage is designed and manufactured with top-quality products and materials at the highest standards of production. You can simply have it at the head of your car space and enjoy the extra storage space without impeding on your available parking space. The height is adjustable, it is fire-safe and rust-proof, and it is all steel! It is the perfect storage accessory, especially for people that live in apartments.

Advantages of Over Bonnet Storage

1.      You get a ten-year limited warranty with the purchase of the over bonnet storage.

2.      The single door is hinged at the top instead of the sides to ensure it does not swing out and hit anything close to it.

3.      The 100% steel construction ensures maximum durability of the box.

4.      It can be powder coated into several different colours.

5.      There are no middle pillars or beams so you can store long items inside the box.

6.      It is rust-free so it lasts for a long time.

7.      The four free-standing feet provide extra strength, balance, and stability for the box.

8.      The adjustable feet are great for easy installation and uneven surfaces.

9.      Most 4WD vehicles fit easily into the bonnet clearance.

10.   We provide free installation and free-standing when you purchase an Over Bonnet Storage.

The main thing that you seek to gain from getting an over storage bonnet is that it creates an innovative solution without compromising on your existing space. It brings into play a brand-new storage solution without you having to alter or clear out any space. It provides people and families with the flexibility of living in apartment-style homes and having all their belongings stored safely and in a convenient location in their homes. The cost of acquiring external storage is growing and it does not seem feasible to carry on paying for such solutions. This Over Bonnet Storage gives you that option of access and security at an affordable price.

Plus, it does not just give you a garage storage solution, but it helps your entire household. Things that have become clutter and you don’t need to access every day can now be safely stored in your over bonnet storage. An example is tents or sleeping bags that you only use when you go hiking. No need for you to shove them into a closet or even under your bed when you can just put them into this box storage. Bulky items like suitcases and huge luggage can be placed in the storage as well. And trust Novaproducts to give you the best of the best! We deliver the Over Bonnet Storage, and we’ll even install it for free. There’s no time to waste, get an Over Bonnet Storage now and clear up some of that clutter!



Product Range Includes:
Big max 3.2
Width: 2510cm Height: 2300cm Depth: 1100cm

Tower max 2.3
Width:2510cm Height:2000cm Depth: 1100cm

Twinmax 6
Width: 2510cm Height: 2100cm Depth: 1100cm


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