Round Bollards

Safety Round Bollards: Protect Your People and Property

Safety Bollards are a type of traffic control device that is used to protect people and property from vehicle impact. They are typically made of steel or concrete and have a rounded shape, which makes them less likely to cause injury in the event of a collision.



As Australia’s cities continue to grow, so too does the need for safe and secure public spaces. Nova Safety  Round Bollards are an essential tool in achieving this goal, providing a visible and effective means of controlling traffic flow and protecting against security threats.

Novaproducts Round Bollards are an ideal economical option for non-heavy-duty applications. They are supplied either galvanised bollards or galvanised and powder-coated (Standard). Contact Us today to enquire online for more information. Novaproducts ACROD Bollards are designed to comply with AS2890.

Nova Round Security Bollards can prevent unauthorised access to sensitive areas, protect against vehicular impact, and promote sustainable modes of transport such as cycling and walking.

The removable capping & baseplate of the bollard are made of mild steel applied with galvanised protective zinc coating then applied metallic powder coating in yellow.

Advantages & Features

– Moulded caps can be removed
– Standard class 1 red reflective band
– Baseplate is fully welded with heavy steel
– Can be fixed to concrete using welded anchoring bars
– Bollards can be galvanised only
– Standard finishes: galvanised and powder-coated
– Customised bollards available.

Moulded Caps Can Be Removed for Easy Maintenance

The moulded caps on safety round bollards can be removed for easy access to the internal components. This makes it easy to maintain the bollards and ensure that they are in good working order.

Standard Class 1 Red Reflective Band for Increased Visibility

Safety round bollards are typically equipped with a standard Class 1 red reflective band. This band helps to make the bollards more visible at night and in low-light conditions, which can help to prevent accidents.

Base Plate Is Fully Welded with Heavy Steel for Durability

The base plate on the safety round bollards is fully welded with heavy steel. This makes the bollards very strong and durable, and they can withstand even the most severe impacts.

Can Be Fixed to Concrete Using Welded Anchoring Bars

Safety round bollards can be fixed to concrete using welded anchoring bars. This ensures that the bollards are securely anchored in place and will not be dislodged by a vehicle impact.

Safety round bollards are an important safety feature for any construction site. They can help to protect workers, visitors, and equipment from vehicle impact. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to control traffic on your construction site, then safety round bollards are a great option.

If you are considering using safety round bollards on your construction site, be sure to consult with a qualified traffic control professional. They can help you to choose the right bollards for your needs and ensure that they are installed properly.

Safety round bollards are also a great option for other applications, such as:

– Protecting pedestrian areas from vehicle traffic.
– Building entrances
– Securing parking areas.
– Defining traffic lanes.
– Preventing vehicles from entering restricted areas.

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to control traffic and protect people and property, then safety round bollards are a great option.

Reference: TC0208B.



Galvanised and yellow powder-coated. Request different colours with our team.



Safety Bollards

Height: 1200mm
Diameter: Ø165mm
Thickness: 3mm


Height: Ø350mm
Thickness: 10mm


Safety Round Bollards Specifications

Other types of round bollards:

Typical Bollard ø140mm SM Powder Coated Brochure

Safety Bollard ø114mm SM Powder Coated Brochure

C114SME BOLLARD ø114mm Datasheet


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