Rubber Bumper Rails

NOVABUMP: Coles Bumper Rails

Bumper rails, also known as wall guards or crash rails, are a type of safety barrier that is used to protect walls, vehicles, and pedestrians in car parks and other high-traffic areas. They are typically made of steel or aluminium and are designed to absorb the impact of a vehicle collision, preventing the vehicle from causing damage to the wall or injuring anyone nearby.

Rubber Bump Wall Guards

Bumper rails are a common sight at Coles supermarkets, where they are used to protect the walls from being damaged by shopping carts. They are also used to protect pedestrians from being hit by vehicles, as they can help to prevent vehicles from veering off course and hitting people who are walking by.

In addition to their use in car parks and supermarkets, bumper rails are also used in a variety of other settings, including factories, warehouses, parks and construction sites.

Bumper Rails

Bump Rails Product

Height: 150mm
Thickness: 13mm
534 Flexible Outer avaialble in 10 metres rolls.
800 2-part rigid aluminium retainer available in 2.5 metre/length.

Advantages & Features

– Loading dock bumper
– Solid rubber
– Easy to install



Grey and Black colours.
End caps on grey ans black colours.


End Caps: 75mm



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