Stainless Steel Tactiles

Stainless Steel Tactiles Supply and Installation

The Stainless Steel Series continues to be the best and the longest-lasting solution when fitting tactile ground surface indicators. Ideal for retrofitting. Available in various styles that all allow the surrounding floor surface to show between the tactile indicators for an architecturally superior appearance.
Stainless Steel Tactiles are designed and manufactured to comply with the AS/NZS 1428.4.1.2009. They are ideally designed to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces such as stairs, ramps, landings, escalators, travelators, pedestrian crossing points, waiting platforms, public transport facilities, schools and childcare centres, etc.
We have two ranges: Series I is our standard range which is stocked items, however, Series II consists of TGSI which are not generally stocked and could be up to a 6-week lead time.

Australian Standards

Made in Australia