Control System

The ideal way for access flooring to be designed is in consultation with Novaproducts in the design stage.

Very good static/live load performance – Panel designed for fast accurate installation. It is non-combustible, moisture-resistant, and easy to maintain. Outstanding durability and lifespan reducing life-cycle costs good earthing continuity.



The ideal way for the access flooring to be designed is in consultation with Novaproducts in the design stage.

What we can do:

– Save redesign time

– Save money with the efficient use of tiles.

– Have specifications written to cause other trades to provide installation-friendly base floor and walls

– Help specify standard interchangeable parts.

– Choose the right system to suit your environment and use.

– Install knowing the architect’s requirements.

The control system is normally a steel-encapsulated cement-filled panel with an egg crate base design for raised access flooring in computer rooms and Australian CBD areas such as Perth Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane. The HPL top surface is a white High-Pressure Laminate with high wear resistance and crack resistance, fire-resistant, easy to cut to size and fits grilles and grommets.

Rust-resistant coatings and isolator coatings on computer floors with Zinc whisker-free substructure are imperative to a successful flu long-term installation.


Cementitious Nova Control Room Panel

The mottled white/grey finish is tough and abrasion resistant. this sample is a cut-through panel showing Access Floor Panels with Cement fill steel wrap and HPL finish.

Fireproof high Moisture resistance, strong and distortion resistant.

The top surface has static dissipative/antistatic properties (Please enquire).

The panel edge can be sealed with concrete sealer.

The Hpl edge is trimmed back to reduce edge chipping and create modular alignment borders.

Also removes squeak from HPL rubbing.

Access Flooring Panel

Cementitious Nova Control Room Panel

Pedestals are glued to the ground and act as vertical structural support with high load capacity . they have adjustable nuts and locknuts for fine levelling removing rocking panels.

There are holes in the base of the pedestals, this is not for fixings to concrete it is for adhesive to ozze through to create better fixing.

Floors should be sealed with a permanent quality sealer to stop duct ingress, this is always why we prefer not to masonry drill in the room to preserve electronic equipment.

It is a trap to design panels to be full panels against the wall, it is best practice to have cut panels all around the perimeter.

Access flooring can be bridged 1200mm, cable trays and fittings and penetrations need to be designed before tender to get the best costing.

It is good practice to have a 1:14 ramp made of other materials up to access floor height for lifting equipment into position.

High recycled content. Contributes significantly to Green Star and LEED requirements through a completed product LCA & EPD.

Advantages & Key Benefits

– Vermin bate and white ant systems should be thought out

– Specify vermin-proof penetrations to the room

– Computer modular flooring 600x600mm tiles are normally 38mm thick

– We can do from 75mm FFL up to 1200mm high FFH

– Access Floor Installation and Supply

– Turn-key service offer.



Ventus 8912 (only)


– 600 x 600mm x 35mm
– 300 x 600mm x 35mm




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